Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Frames - Archa Theater - 06.12.2010 DL DVD

The Frames ( Duke Special & Petr Nikl a spol. )
Archa Theater
Prague, Czech Republic

video: HD Cams > Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 > DVD Architect 5.0 > DL DVD
audio: audience


01 Headlong
02 Giving Me Wings
03 Seven Day Mile
04 God Bless Mom
05 The Stars Are Underground
06 What Happens When the Heart Just Stops (with tease of Caravan (Van Morrison))
07 Finally
08 Happy
09 Lay Me Down
10 Rhinestone Cowboy (Glen Campbell cover)
11 Rent Day Blues
12 Pavement Tune
13 Star Star
14 Revelate
15 Your Face (with tease of Redemption Song (Bob Marley))

16 Underglass
17 Santa Maria
18 Disappointed
19 You Can't Hide Your Love (New song w/ Joe on vocals)
20 Fitzcarraldo
21 Monument
22 Heyday (Mic Christopher cover)

Thanks to: intercityfirm, Niko, macka, Paulhewson09, kskopec

DVD edited and authored by............Blink EyE Projects


  1. Thanks for a splendid DVD. I will keep on seeding the concert a while longer.

    I have also made this 300DPI cover art:


  2. Thanks a lot for a great DVD cover! I really appreciated that you still seeding this show ;)

  3. i try to download the dvd, i didn't work :(

  4. I have been trying to download the show. Please continue to seed it. Thank you!

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